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Beijing U. of Technogy

Beijing U. of Technogy
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  • Also known as the Beijing Polytechnic University or Bei Gong Da, the Beijing University of Technology is one of China’s recognized Project 211 universities. Established in 1960, this Chinese university has set up a multidisciplinary academic structure providing various programs. The university offers diversified research in the field of Science, Engineering, Economics, Management, Liberal Arts, and even in the field of Law.

    The university’s history dates back to 1960 with five engineering departments, when the five groups of students were transferred from Beijing Institute of Technology (BUT) and from the Beijing Normal University. Twenty one years later, BUT created the graduate school and after five years, the doctoral degree with international standard was granted.

    In 1990, Beijing Tech took over the College of Economics and Management from the Beijing Union University, and three years later, the Beijing Computer Institute became a part of the university and was named as the College of Computer Science. It was also during this year that the Beijing Tech created the Experimental College with the help of the local company. This college later became an independent college.

    Today, the school’s achievements are mainly geared towards the engineering research and education. Some of these achievements include the research on balancing of the single wheeled robot based on a single neuron PID controller. This method involves the creation and designing of a unique mechanical and control hardware structure of single wheeled robot.

    The school also utilized the Newton-Euler equations based on the actual parameters of the designed robot. Moreover, the school has created portable all-position welding robots.

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