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Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics
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  • Atlas Atlas

    Developed by Boston Dynamics, Atlas is a humanoid robot that has been specifically designed to deal with outdoor, rough terrain. The high-mobility robot is capable of walking bipedally while using its upper limbs for lifting and carrying.

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  • BigDog BigDog

    BigDog is a robot that is capable of walking across rubble, climbing hiking trails, walking in water and snow as well as carrying loads of up to 340 lbs. BigDog can run as fast as 4 mph and climb slopes up to thirty-five degrees.

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  • Cheetah Cheetah

    Cheetah is the world’s fastest legged robot. Developed by Boston Dynamics, the robot can run as fast as 29 mph, a land speed record that no other robot has ever met. Cheetah’s current version runs in the center of a high-speed treadmill in the lab.

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  • LittleDog LittleDog

    Boston Dynamics has specifically designed the LittleDog robot for doing research on locomotion. Scientists at major institutions use LittleDog for probing the basic relationships among dynamic control, motor learning, environmental perception and rough-terrain…

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  • LS3 LS3

    Developed by Boston Dynamics, LS3, also known as Legged Squad Support Systems, is a modern robot that can go anywhere. As soldiers and marines go on foot, the rough-terrain robots carry the heavy loads. They can automatically follow their leaders by using…

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    Designed by Boston Dynamics, PETMAN is a modern robot that specializes in testing chemical protection clothing. The anthropomorphic robot is particularly known for its natural agile movements that help the robot simulate how protective clothing is stressed…

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  • RHex (Rugged version) RHex (Rugged version)

    Developed by Boston Dynamics, RHex is known for its high mobility. The six-legged robot can not only climb in rock fields, sand, mud, railroad tracks, vegetation and telephone poles but it is also capable of climbing up stairways and slopes.

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  • RiSE RiSE

    Developed by Boston Dynamics, RiSE is a climbing robot that is capable of climbing vertical terrain like trees, walls as well as fences.

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  • Sand Flea Sand Flea

    Developed by Boston Robotics, the Sand Flea robot can drive in flat terrain just like an RC car. With a weight of around 11 pounds, Sand Flea has the ability to jump over compound walls, onto a roof, up a stair set or into a high window.

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