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Carnegie Mellon U. (CMU)

Carnegie Mellon U. (CMU)
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  • ARM Robot ARM Robot

    DARPA developed a robotic platform called ARM to execute certain moves. Developers from public are allowed to write algorithms for the robot that make it perform complex tasks.

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  • Ballbot Ballbot

    The Ballbot robot is an omni-directional, battery-powered robot. It moves by using a urethane-coated ball instead of the traditional wheels or legs found on most robots.

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  • DONA

    Min Su Kim of Hong IK University developed a humanoid called DONA. It asks for donations from passers-by by being polite and performing different kinds of preprogrammed gestures.

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    Intel’s HERB is a butler robot designed to help around the home. It has voice recognition and object manipulation capabilities. HERB can even be controlled with an iPhone.

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  • Keepon Keepon

    Dr. Hideki Kozima from Japan developed this robot which can interact with kids with autism. It is touch sensitive, reacts to emotions using sound and dances upon hearing music.

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  • Pearl Pearl

    University of Pittsburgh and the Carnegie Mellon University developed the Pearl nurse robot. It is a personal and social robot which helps the elderly go about their daily routines.

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  • Zoe Zoe

    Zoe is an autonomous, solar powered robot developed by The Carnegy Mellon University. This robotic rover is used to test surface exploration on other planets like Mars. It has been succesfully tested in the Atacama desert of Chili in 2005.

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