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Case New Holland

Case New Holland
  • Netherlands
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  • Established in 1999, Case New Holland is a large industrial enterprise that specializes in the construction and agricultural equipment business. Providing products and equipment worldwide, the company has established its name as a global leader in capital goods. From combines and tractors, trucks, wheel loaders, buses, civil protection and firefighting vehicles to power train solutions, CHN produces, designs and sells “equipment” for work.

    CNH is also involved in a Dutch robotics project called CROPS. This project was started to automate the greenhouse sector, which is still very dependent on human labor. Project CROPS involves developing an intelligent robot that could handle the work of human employees, even under extreme humid conditions.

    CROPS will be able to distinguish ripe fruit from unripe, cut it without damaging other fruit or plants, spray effectively onto foliage only as well as harvest fruit selectively.

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