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Center for Testing Development and Training

Center for Testing Development and Training
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  • Established in 2003, the Center for Testing Development and Training, also known as CTDT, is a well known Test and Evaluation agency in the Mine Action field. Considering the increasing scope of demining activities in Croatia, it was established as a separate legal entity by CROMAC.

    Having achieved accreditation from the Croatian Accreditation Agency, CTDT conducts certification of demining machinery, mine detection dogs as well as metal detectors along with personal protective tools. Moreover, the Center for Testing Development and Training aims at creating a platform that will allow its members to conduct well-organized field tests as well as evaluation in order to find new and effective solutions to various problems associated with the mine action process.

    An assessment of the supply and demand regarding the activities of c revealed that no similar Test and Evaluation agency exists in Croatia. In fact, CTDT has unlocked the door to the success and development of mine action by introducing services like underwater demining, in-depth searches, etc.

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