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Clear Flight Solutions

Clear Flight Solutions
  • Netherlands
  • Company
  • Robotics Developer


  • Clear Flight Solutions is a Dutch robotics company that develops robotic birds called "Robirds".

    These Robirds are developed using the flight and appearance characteristics of birds of prey in order to scare off other birds being unwanted at airports, farms, and landfills.

    Using realistically moving wings as a means of flying, combined with their threatening silhouette, they trigger the instinct of birds forcing them to flee.

    The damage caused by birds in the Dutch agricultural sector estimated at 90 million Euros. Currently, scarecrows and flash bang grenades are used to keep the birds away, but robot birds offer a more effective, sustainable, and environmentally friendly alternative.

    Clear Flight Solutions has successfully developed the robot-controlled Robird, but this model requires the expertise of a skilled RC pilot. For this reason Clear Flight Solutions is currently developing an autonomous model, which can be programmed with ease to fly within a designated area or along a set flight path. Practical trials for the automated versions have already begun and will continue into the firstĀ 

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