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  • CMRE- the Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation- is a top-notch research and experimentation facility, which conducts and organizes research and technology development. Located in La Spezia, the CMRE aims at delivering field-tested and innovative Science & Technology solutions to address security and defense needs of the Alliance.

    The Italian organization is an executive body of the NATO’s STO (Science and Technology Organization). CMRE operates 2 research vessels, namely: the CRV Leonardo and the NRV Alliancethat enable technology and science solutions to be developed at sea. The NRV Alliance, the largest of these vessels, allows for precision acoustic vessels to be performed at sea. However, the CRV Leonardo was made for performing experiments in shallower waters.

    CMRE conducts projects in a number of major research areas, including autonomous surveillance, maritime situational awareness, littoral intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance, ship and port protection, active sonar risk mitigation and robotic preparation of the battle space.

    The organization has specialized equipment and facilities for research at sea, including several unmanned instrumentation and vehicles, a fleet of AUVs, the Oceanography Calibrating Laboratory, and autonomous intelligent systems that enable operators to successfully complete missions in hostile environments.

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