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Controllab Products

Controllab Products
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  • Controllab Products is a company specialized in control engineering. Control engineering involves the use of models and simulations that allow the client to check the functionality of their products, or products that are in development, in a virtual world. Using simulation will speed up the development time and reduce the number of errors, which in the end will lead to reducing costs and waste. Simulations can investigate the stability, safety and power consumption of certain systems and enable clients to look for areas of improvement.

    Model-based design can be very useful in a variety of markets, since the use of technology in production is becoming routine in almost all industries in all continents. Controllab is active in three different markets: Mechatronics, Drives & Automation and Maritime & Offshore. In these three fields of expertise, Controllab has built an international client base, of which some are well-known companies such as: Rolls-Royce, Stork and CCM in the mechatronics market. HIL, or Hardware in the Loop testing, is a technique offered by Controllab where clients in the maritime and offshore market can test their controlling systems in a simulated plant.

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