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  • The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, is a United States government agency and part of its Department of Defense.

    Being independent from other miitary agencies, DARPA aims at developing technologies for national security.

    By making significant contributions and investments in unique technology-driven ideas for the US, DARPA devises new strategies to overcome future threats and challenges, which will help in creating a safer and better future.

    Over the last 2 decades, several factors like navigation, night vision, precision guidance, stealth, unmanned aerial vehicles, networking and communications have changed the face of war significantly.

    At this crucial time, DARPA made important early investments to help revolutionize the whole idea of technology, maintaining the technological superiority of the US Military.

    DARPA aims at building a future where extraordinary and innovative solutions can be developed. DARPA creates options for a better, more secure future by making pivotal investments in new technology-driven ideas for next-generation capabilities. These investments ultimately create and prevent decisive surprise for U.S. national security.

    In addition to providing accurate timing and position that isn’t dependent on GPS, DARPA aims at wielding cyber as a military capability, having confidence in its own cyber-security.

    Apart from increasing access to space by reducing its cost, DARPA has the objective of opening new operational regimes with advanced weapons as well as platforms.

    An important goal of DARPA involves creating a strong foundation for military systems of the future. This is why DARPA is catalyzing an advanced technology base in new fields of information technology, materials science, electronics, as well as new technologies arising from the biological sciences.


    DARPA's multi-disciplinary offices:


    DARPA - Adaptive Execution Office

    AEO: Technology, Adaptability & Transfer

    The Adaptive Execution Office provides the agency with connections to the warfighter community and assists with the planning and execution of technology demonstrations and field trials to promote adoption of these technologies by the warfighter.


    DARPA - Biological Technologies Office

    BTO: Biology, Technology & Complexity

    The Biological Technologies Office seeks to establish and invest in new communities of scientific interest at the intersection of traditional and emerging disciplines.

    Their programs contain a wide range of subjects varying from individual cells to complex biological systems and the macro- and micro-environments in which they operate.


    DARPA - Defense Sciences Office

    DSO: Discovery, Modeling, Design & Assembly

    The Defense Sciences Office identifies and pursues high-risk, high-payoff fundamental research initiatives across a broad spectrum of science and engineering disciplines and transforms these initiatives into radically new, game-changing technologies.


    DARPA - Information, Innovation & Cyber Office

    I20: Information, Innovation & Cyber

    I20 explores game-changing technologies in the fields of information science and software to anticipate and create rapid shifts in the complex national security landscape.

    Its research is focused on anticipating new modes of warfare and developing the concepts and tools necessary to provide decisive advantage for the U.S. and its allies.  


    DARPA - Microsystems Technology Office

    MTO: Electronics, Photonics & MEMS

    The Microsystems Technology Office seeks methods for countering threats (both incidental and intentional) that arise from sustained advancements in cheap and readily available technologies.

    MTO develops technologies outside and beyond the scope of the commercial industry to secure the US Department of Defense's technological superiority.


    DARPA - Strategic Technology Office

    STO: Networks, Cost Leverage & Adaptability

    The Strategic Technology Office is focused on technologies that enable fighting as a network to increase military effectiveness, cost leverage, and adaptability.


    DARPA - Tactical Technology Office

    TTO: Weapons, Platforms & Space

    The Tactical Technology Office develops new military prototype  capabilities that create a technological advantage and to provide or prevent strategic and tactical surprise giving the U.S. forces decisive superiority and the ability to overwhelm their opponents.

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