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Delft Biorobotics Lab.

Delft Biorobotics Lab.
  • Netherlands
  • Laboratory
  • Robotics Developer


  • Delft Biorobotics Laboratory aims at developing safe, efficient and novel robotic systems with biology related applications and/or biologically inspired designs, such as robotic arms that can be used for rehabilitation and bipedal walking machines.

    Delft Biorobotics Laboratory opposes conventional industrial robotics, which depend on heavy and stiff structures, high power actuators, and control algorithms.

    The laboratory believes that the challenge of the next generation robotics lies in secure interaction between humans and robots. A different set of design is required for these robots than for robots used for a factory environment.

    This is why Delft Biorobotics Laboratory has a mission to develop robotic systems by studying biology, which serves not only as an interactive environment but as a source of design inspiration as well.

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