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DFKI Bremen

DFKI Bremen
  • Germany
  • Institute
  • Robotics Developer



    The female humanoid robot AILA was developed by DFKI Bremen. She uses Semantic Product Memory for enhanced object recognition. AILA can turn and move in any direction with her six wheels. She easily grasps objects and has a RFID for scanning. AILA is…

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  • Mr. SemProM Mr. SemProM

    Mr. SemProM is a 1.75m humanoid whose modifiable gripper-equipped arms and multiple cameras (including wrist cameras for fine manipulations) allow it to carry objects.

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  • Pithekos Pithekos

    DFKI Bremen created a four-legged galloping robot called the Pithekos. It is lightweight, fast, reliable and is able to take tight turns on different surfaces and terrains.

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