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DLR (German Aerospace Centre)

DLR (German Aerospace Centre)
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  • DLR is the German Aerospace Research Center that focuses on the research and development in the fields of aeronautics and space, energy, transport and security. Not only does the DLR perform its own research, it is also the investment umbrella corporation for the German government, which makes it the nation’s largest project execution organization. Project VIACTORS is one of the projects that DLR is involved in.

    Project VIACTORS aims at discovering the secret of how to best mimic human movement with a robot system. Countless attempts in the past have shown that re-enacting human functions requires complex software and finely tuned sensors, not to mention the fact that these robots often turn out to become heavy and energy inefficient. Instead of using traditional methods, project VIACTORS has a mission of utilizing actuators that can store and release energy like human muscles do. This method seems to be safer and more energy efficient.

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