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Dr. Leo Kannerhuis

Dr. Leo Kannerhuis
  • Netherlands
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  • Registered as a public benefit organization, the Dr. Leo Kanner house is a foundation and a highly specialized facility that aims at developing, offering and transferring the best treatment for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) patients. This is why the Dr. Leo Kanner house is working together with the Technical University of Eindhoven, Philips and several rehabilitation centers on project Wikitherapist.

    This project aims at developing a software platform on which therapists can develop and run their own rehabilitation programs, custom-made for each patient. Moreover, the therapists can share their programs, which can lead to the development of best practices. Another part of the project is the development of interactive technologies to encourage children with autism to develop their communication skills. This technology will be developed for use in a robot and an interactive board game.

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