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Dr Robot
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  • Hawk Hawk

    Canadian robot the Hawk looks like a hawk and has a long claw. This versatile robot can play drums and serve drinks. The company hopes to make it cost-effective for end-users.

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  • HR 6 HR 6

    The 6th generation of Dr Robot's android series, HR 6 can recognize faces, obey voice commands, read emails and do online research. It also sings, dances and tells jokes.

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  • HR 5 HR 5

    Released 2 years after HR 4, more stable HR 5 has a wider foot platform and can walk straight unassisted. Like HR 4, it has a rechargeable battery and pincer-grip hands.

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  • HR 7 HR 7

    The bipedal robot HR-7 was developed by Dr. Robot. It is the seventh HR model prototype. The HR-7 has some new features, including five fingers and new recharging technology.

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  • HR 4 HR 4

    HR 4 is the fourth entry in Dr Robot's series of low-cost androids. It uses patented DURAS architecture, has excellent balance, and grasps object with pincer grip hands.

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