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    Drexel University was founded in 1891 in Philadelphia and is currently ranked as one of the most comprehensive universities in the country recognized not only for its focus on experiential learning using co-operative education but also on their commitment to cutting edge academic technology and growing enterprise of use-inspired research.

    Drexel University is America’s 14th largest institution with more than 23,500 enrollees and according to US News & World Report list of Up-and-comers, Drexel University ranked 6th among national universities.

    Drexel University offers various educational and employment opportunities to its students through their study and internship programs in several countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America, and also through the university’s co-operative education program.

    Being the leader in curricular innovation and educational technology in the state of Philadelphia, Drexel University integrated the latest technological advances into their learning process.

    In 1983, The University was the first to require all its entering students to have microcomputers. And in 2000, it became the first major university to operate a fully wireless campus, giving its students, faculty and staff full internet access anywhere in the University’s three campuses. Last year, the university upgraded the Drexel OneMobile portal and was the first to use such application and to offer it across five major platforms.

    Courses Offered:

    Drexel University boasts some of the finest courses they offer to their aspiring students. Courses like Adult Education, Arts & Sciences, Biomedical Science and Engineering, Business, Education, Engineering, Health Studies, Information Science and Technology are some of the courses that are offering.

    Drexel University’s College of Engineering is one of the courses that have been giving this institution some pride and recognition. Here students are provided with comprehensive and integrated course of study which is augmented by the latest technology, co-operative education and thorough research.

    Among the notable projects that their students have been working on is the Rhinoceros beetles. Here the research conducted by the University’s Mechanical Engineering department headed by Dr. Min Jun Kim and in collaboration with the South Korean university, Konkuk University, examines the function and aerodynamics of the Rhinoceros beetle.

    HUBO robots which were created by the Korean Advance Institute of Science and Technology have been calling the university its home. Students from DU’s College of Engineering were responsible in developing the HUBO’s software giving it advance functionality.

    With the advent of new technology in the world of robotics, Drexel University has extensively researched and supported all efforts made by their Engineering department.

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