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DVC machinevision

DVC machinevision
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  • DVC Machinevision is a distributor for OEM’s that produce vision components. OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, develop and produce technological innovations for clients that are subsequently sold by DVC. The company offers a wide range of products, such as machine vision software, industrial cameras, lenses and lighting, from a variety of A-brand suppliers like Sony, Matrox and Basler & Illunis. Besides supplying the products, DVC also provides technical support to make sure that the equipment is fully operational at all times. They also develop and implement their own devices.

    DVC Machinevision is active in the following four markets:

    • Industrial - applications are mainly used to inspect a process or a production;
    • Medical and Life Sciences - where high quality digital cameras can make a difference between life and death;
    • Traffic and Transportation - where digital cameras are used for inspection, monitoring and enforcement of the law;
    • Security and Surveillance - with implementations mainly in the banking and casino sector.

    As can be seen by the variation of the markets to which DVC supplies its products, there is a significant need for product variation as well. Specialized camera, software applications and optic products are subdivided into multiple product categories.

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