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  • Established in 1999, Eemagine GmbH is a certified solution and system provider for the medical industry. The Berlin-based company follows an integrated development strategy. Focusing on the neurocare and neuroscience market, the company provides highly innovative products. 

    Eemagine offers effective solutions that are tailor-made to meet the diverse needs of medical diagnostic, communication interfaces along with application software. The company has a great deal of experience in the field of medical technology with competence across all related fields of innovation and product design. The company develops clinical application software with complex use cases as well as interactive visualization. Offering a modern software structure as a skeleton solution for medical projects, Eemagine customizes it with the needed algorithms while displaying functionality.

    The company’s manufacturing service for electronic and mechanical components usually involves 3D design, tooling, prototyping, as well as planning, process engineering, documentation and testing.

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