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Electric and Telecom Research Inst. (ETRI)

Electric and Telecom Research Inst. (ETRI)
  • South Korea
  • Institute
  • Robotics Developer



    ETRO is a story-reading robot that operates on Linux operating system. It has face, letter and object recognition. ETRO can also retrieve information about traffic and other data it may find over the Internet. Any books or text pasted in front of it…

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    ETRI's POMI robotic animal simulates emotion and makes facial expressions. This friendly, penguin-like robot can be used for education and entertainment purposes.

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  • Prison Guard Robot Prison Guard Robot

    The Prison Guard Robot helps to keep human guards safe. It is equipped with cameras and speakers to report problems to guards. It also assists sick or injured inmates.

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  • Wever R1 Wever R1

    The Wever R1 wheeled robot functions as a home networking system. It recognizes faces and expressions. It also has speech recognition but it does work reliably. The Wever R1 is capable of position tracking and can play rock-paper-scissors with humans.

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  • Wever C1 Wever C1

    Home owners can breathe easier thanks to the Wever C1 robot. This small home companion acts as a guard, alerting its owner about everything from gas leaks to burglars. It sends video reports and text messges to alert the home owner about dangers. Wever…

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