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  • Enexis is a Dutch electricity and gas provider for over two million households in the Netherlands. As the business of Enexis is spread out over the country, it is difficult to monitor the quality of the pipeline grid, which makes the job of fixing gas leaks a tedious and a costly process. For this reason, Enexis, together with other Dutch energy companies and research centers, is investing in the project Pirate.

    This Dutch robotics project aims to develop small autonomous robots that can check the insides of the pipelines for deformations. This means that companies like Enexis can preventively make repairs on pipelines, whereas earlier, a gas leak could only be detected after the passing of gas. This would lead to a waste of costs, gas and resulted in a dangerous situation.

    Enexis is also a leader in promoting durable energy and a durable use of energy. Not only does it provide its clients tips and software to monitor their energy usage, it also invests heavily in the electronic automotive sector.

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