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ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich
  • Switzerland
  • University
  • Robotics Developer


  • A.L.F A.L.F

    ALF has four legs with a large range of motion. This robotic platform can do complex moves and carry heavy payloads. ALF can walk and crawl even on tricky surfaces.

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  • Naro Naro

    Nautical robot Naro was created by students at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. The robot, which resembles a tuna fish, has effective swimming-like movements that make minimal noise. It "swims" at 1-2 meters per second. The only moving…

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  • Octopus Octopus

    ETH Zurich developed a wheeled exploring robot, called Octopus. It has 15 degrees of freedom and can easily navigate different types of terrain. Tactile sensors allow it to avoid obstacles. The forearms of Octopus are linked to the arms by a motorized…

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