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European Committee for Standardization (CEN)

European Committee for Standardization (CEN)
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  • Founded in 1975, the European Committee for Standardization, also known as CEN, serves as a global non-profit association. Aimed at eliminating trade barriers for consumers and industries in Europe, CEN plays an important role as a business facilitator.

    CEN is based in Brussels and it works toward fostering the European economy in international trading, the prosperity of European citizens as well as the environment. In fact, CEN offers a variety of services to promote and support the progress of European Standards as well as technical specifications. It is also known for being the only recognized European association, based on the standards of Directive 98/34/EC for the preparation, drafting as well as integration of European Standards in various fields of economic activity. The two exceptions to these fields are Telecommunication and Electrotechnology.

    The various sectors covered by CEN include Accessibility, Bio-based products, Air and Space, Chemical, Construction, Energy, Consumer products, Food, Environmental Safety, Healthcare, Air Conditioning, ICT, Heating, Innovation, Machinery safety, Measurement, Materials, Pressure equipment, Nanotechnologies, Packaging, Security, Transport, etc.

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