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  • Festo is a global company that supplies automation technology to its clients. Founded way back in 1925, it has business units in 61 countries and clients in 176 countries of the world. Festo became this large by investing heavily in research and development to keep a competitive edge over its rivals. All the efforts that this company puts in its research are being harvested by its clients. Festo is involved in the project CROPS, the creation of a clever robot for the agriculture sector.

    This robotic system is able to function in the unstructured environment of a greenhouse. It also is able to recognize the correct fruit and its ripeness. Robots like these are able to work around the clock in extreme warm and humid climates in a sector that has more difficulty of finding enough employees. One of the difficulties of the project will be to ensure that the CROPS robots do not damage the plants or their products.

    Festo is involved in many more projects and their research fields have been divided into:

    • Future Manufacturing
    • Mechatronic Systems
    • Advanced Technologies
    • Digital Engineering
    • Open Innovation

    Besides providing consultation and sharing of knowledge for cooperative projects, Festo supplies ready-to-install and custom made electronic products.

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