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Flexible Robotic Environment

Flexible Robotic Environment
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  • FRE™ is a robotic solution that combines mechanical and motor/drive components with proprietary hardware, software and controls. The end result is a cost-effective, highly innovative, configurable, and interchangeable multi-degree-of-freedom (DOF) robotic package that can be applied in a multitude of manufacturing applications today. Every FRE system comes with a combination of linear elements and rotational gimbal units. With these elements you will be able to form various configurations that may operate together, or be distributed in space, all functioning under the same controller. In other words, you may custom create and shape the spatial working envelope of a mechanism that best fits your particular application. Now with only a few components we can help you quickly customize a robotic application. Our products allow you to build your own robotic solution around an application instead of building the application around the robot!

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