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Focal Meditech

Focal Meditech
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  • Focal Meditech is a company that delivers custom-made robotic medical equipment. Although they have their own development and production line, they are also a distributor of several well-known medical aides like the social robotic seal Paro and the personal care robot Jaco. Paro was developed in Japan to be a social companion for people who suffer from dementia and has now spread worldwide. Results have shown not only emotional, but also physical improvement after multiple sessions with this cute looking robot. Paro was designed to improve communication to relieve stress and loneliness.

    As mentioned before, Focal also develop their own medical equipment and they provide personal care robots for people with disabilities. Usually these robots are aimed for people with a very limited or no hand function, as this impairs their daily life activities. Care robots can help patients with small tasks around the house, as well as opening a door and providing help with eating and drinking. Most of these robotic devices come in the form of a robot arm that can easily be attached to a table or a wheelchair. To keep coming up with new development, Focal Meditech has teamed up with some of the best Dutch universities that do research into robotics.

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