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Freie U. Berlin

Freie U. Berlin
  • Germany
  • University
  • Robotics Developer


  • Germany’s Freie University Berlin is one of the leading research institutions in the world. The German public university is internationally known for its research in the field of humanities, social sciences, and natural and life sciences. Established in 1948, FreieUniversity Berlin or FU Berlin was the single most successful university in the initiative.

    Today the school, being one of Germany’s premiere institutions, remains a highly competitive school and only accepts 4,300 students annually. It is composed of 12 departments and three interdisciplinary central institutes.

    As a leading research institution, the school has various laboratories, facilities, and research centers that provide students and researchers with solid experience and vital information. Students interested in robotics are provided with these experiences inside the Artificial Intelligence Group.

    Its AutoNOMOS Lab provides students the know-how and technology in developing driverless cars and hybrid automobile. Aside from driverless cars, the lab manages to develop the Intelligent Wheelchair.

    Other projects conducted inside the university include the soccer playing humanoid robots called the Berlin United FUmanoids, the Berlin United Racing Team, NeuroCopter, and the RoboBee.

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