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Friendly Robotics

Friendly Robotics
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  • Robomow RM 400 Robomow RM400

    RM400 can mow bigger lawns than other Robomow models, and can be set to follow a schedule – when it's time for a mowing session, it undocks itself and gets to work.

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  • RM200 Robomow RM200

    A smaller robot lawnmower for tighter spaces, Robomow RM200 has a single blade with a 7" cut, as well as sensors that shut it down in the event of rain or dangerous tilt.

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  • RL555 Robomow RL555

    The Robomow RL555 robot lawnmower boasts three 53 cm blades that mulch as well as cut. It's activated for automatic mowing with one touch, or can be manually controlled.

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  • Robomow RL855 Robomow RL855

    RL855 shares many features with other models in the Robomow series. It can cut a bumpy, sloping lawn of up to 1,000 sqm, avoiding trees and rocks, and has a Child Guard.

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