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  • ENON

    Fujitsu developed a service robot called ENON. This robot can navigate, recognize speech, talk with humans, and is designed to help elder people in their daily activities.

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  • Fujitsu Office Delivery Robot Fujitsu Office Delivery Robot

    The Fujitsu Office Delivery Robot can deliver necessary documents and hefty materials on time with 99% efficiency. It is also equipped with a high-resolution touch screen that enables advanced communication on the office floor. Its navigation is accurate…

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  • Fujitsu Teddy Bear Fujitsu Teddy Bear

    Fujitsu Teddy Bear is an adorable toy robot capable of 300 different movements. It comes with a USB port connector for a PC connection and easy customization. A high-resolution camera mounted on its nose allows it to detect people nearby. Fujitsu Teddy…

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  • HOAP 3 HOAP 3

    Fujitsu developed the third platform in the HOAP series called HOAP 3. It has an astounding range of state-of-the art features, and runs on RT-Linux and Intel Pentium M processor.

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  • HOAP 2 HOAP 2

    Fujitsu developed the second platform in the HOAP series called HOAP 2. It is equipped with Humanoid Movement-Generation System for movement range, and contains neural networks.

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  • HOAP 1 HOAP 1

    Fujitsu developed the first platform in the HOAP series called HOAP 1. Running on RT-Linux, it contains internal sensors and motors for easy expansion. It can also be bought.

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  • Mi-Ro Mi-Ro

    Fujitsu in Japan has developed a robotic machine to assist surgeons who have limited operating space. This robot, Mi-Ro, has compact lightweight arms which can perform a variety of functions. It has seven torque-controlled joints, which makes it more…

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  • PICO 2 PICO 2

    Fujitsu Robotics and Kyushu University developed PICO-2 from the HOAP-2 concept in 2005. The two foot tall human telepresence robot can walk and imitate human gestures.

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  • Service Type Robot Service Type Robot

    The Fujitsu service-type robot is designed to assist humans with a variety of tasks. This robot can move carts, greet guests and operate elevators. It also has a wireless LAN, which allows it to connect to the Internet, find useful information and show…

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