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  • Founded by Jean-Christophe Baillie in 2006, Gostai is a manufacturer of robots and an editor of innovative software for robotics and artificial intelligence. Gostai aims at fostering the development of the "Smart Machines" industry.

    Gostai introduced its mobile telepresence device known as Jazz in 2011. Jazz is aimed at businesses and has business application in telesurveillance and mobile telepresence.  Moreover, Gostai develops the Gostai Suite, a graphical programming tools suite for complex system and robotics, URBI open source operating system for robotics, and the GostaiNet architecture for robotics.

    Being a team of over 20 people, Gostai is dedicated to contributing to the improvement of the world by providing innovative technology. The core technology of Gostai is the easy-to-use and innovative URBI platform, which serves as a global OS for complex systems and robotics.

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