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H&S Robots
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  • Crab Crab

    The Crab is a robot animal almost a meter in diameter. It features 2 parallax servo controllers, 25 articulations, and pincers and locomotive parts of high-grade steel.

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  • Ground Beetle

    Developed by H&S Robots, the Ground Beetle resembles a real beetle in appearance and movement. It imitates beetle movements with the use of servo motors. Ground Beetle is easy to program even if you have no prior knowledge. It draws lots of attention…

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  • Rhoni Rhoni

    Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences and H&S Robots developed a humanoid called Rhoni. Its aim is to assist patients to get up, to dress, and also bring food and guide them.

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  • Rhonietta Rhonietta

    Niederrhein University and H&S Robots developed the female version of Rhoni called the Rhonietta. It is a more advanced humanoid with artificial eyelashes and embracing arms.

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