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Hajime Research Inst.,Ltd.
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  • Hajime Robot 42 Hajime Robot 42

    Hajime Robot 42 has more improvements but retains important features from previous versions. RS405CB servo motors Futaba actuators help with high speed, all-directional walking. The camera-enabled vision system gives it object detection and avoidance.

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  • Hajime Robot 31 Hajime Robot 31

    Hajime Robot 31 is expected to be a fierce contender at the RoboCup Japan Open 2011. This athletic humanoid has two onboard processors, WIFI and Gyro sensors. It also has 17 degrees of freedom and stands 1 meter tall, and is ready to show off at RoboCup.

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  • Hajime Robot 18 Hajime Robot 18

    Hajime Robot 18 continues the improvements of the Hajime series. It has both object recognition and object avoidance. This robot has a sleek, dark appearance because it is black in color. Hajime 18 was a runaway winner in the RoboCup 2006 rough terrain…

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  • Hajime Robot 15 Hajime Robot 15

    Sporting a darker red shade than Hajime Robot 11, Hajime Robot 15 is an even better competitor in robotic events. Equipped with gyros and sensors, it has object recognition and can run as well as dash. It also has object avoidance thanks to its camera-enabled…

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  • Hajime Robot 11 Hajime Robot 11

    Bipedal humanoid Hajime 11 is another in the Hajime line of fighting robots. Unlike previous versions, it has a mostly bright red body. Videos on the Internet show how stable this bipedal robot's joints are and how fast it can walk. It also competes in…

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  • Hajime Robot 9 Hajime Robot 9

    Like its predecessors, Hajime Robot 9 is a fierce competitor in RoboCup and Robo-One competitions. This version is yellow and black and has a hook on one arm for a weapon. This humanoid robot is bipedal and can move on both even and uneven ground.

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  • Hajime Robot 5 Hajime Robot 5

    Hajime Robot 5 has added some new skills over Hajime Robot 4. It has Tai-Chi skills and is mostly white instead of mostly blue. This robot is still a fierce competitor, however; it has participated in Robo-One competitions and other robotic tournaments.…

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  • Hajime Robot 4 Hajime Robot 4

    Hajime Robot 4 continues in improvements over its two predecessors. This work paid off when it took home two consecutive wins at the ROBO-One Bandai Cup in 2003. Hajime Robot 4 can walk on even and uneven terrain. It is a bipedal robot with servo motors…

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  • Hajime Robot 1 Hajime Robot 1

    Hajime Research Institute created Hajime Robot 1 as a walking test robot. It is the first in a long series of mecha robots designed by robotic fans for other robotic fans. Hajime Sakamoto, the company's owner, is a mecha fan, which is probably why they…

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  • Hajime Robot 2 Hajime Robot 2

    Hajime Robot 2 has many improvements over its predecessor. It has an improved appearance and can walk on uneven terrain such as stairs. Hajime Robot 2 helped to jumpstart a series of RoboCup victories for its developers thanks to all its improvements.

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