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Hanson Robotics

Hanson Robotics
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  • Albert HUBO Albert HUBO

    Albert HUBO is a robot modeled after Albert Einstein. This intelligent humanoid can use 30 facial expressions to help it communicate with humans. He even understands words. Albert HUBO can move at 1.25 Kilometer per hour and runs on Window XP.

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  • Diego-San Diego-San

    UCSD developed a baby humanoid robot called Diego-San. It was used to study how human babies interact with environment and acquire the ability to use nonverbal expressions.

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  • Jules Jules

    Hanson Robotics developed Jules which is an android robot. It looks like a real human and contains servomotors, advanced animatronics and possesses artificial intelligence.

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  • Robokind Robokind

    RoboKind assists with human behavioral studies. The 60 cm humanoid can walk, displays and recognizes speech and facial expressions, and runs on Windows, Mac OS, or Unix.

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