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    AMP is a music-playing entertainment robot. It can play music through its 12 watt speakers and two tweeters. Just plug it into an MP3 player and AMP will start playing tunes and moving to the beat for you. It comes with a remote control and five different…

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  • iDog iDog

    Sega Toys created the iDog which is a canine robot and is primarily a musical companion for people. It accepts sounds, remembers songs, composes music and dances to rhythms.

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  • Kitty Cat Kitty Cat

    FurReal and Hasbro developed a feline robot pet called the Kitty Cat. This robot has many features that imitate the behavior of a real cat. She can hiss and move her head and ears. Her eyes open and close to express emotions. Kitty Cat has fur that looks…

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