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  • Hemolab is the former name of LifeTec Group that specializes in the field of biomedical R&D. The company performs tests and studies to develop innovative healthcare products. Formerly, Hemolab was a Dutch company that specialized in cardiovascular engineering. But today, LifeTec Group has extended its expertise to additional clinical domains such as orthopedics, urology as well as radiology.

    The experts in the field of biomedical research and development working at LifeTec Group have the experience and expertise to lead clients in the right direction. LifeTec Group is also part of the PITON project, which aims at creating the first steerable, MRI compatible robotic instrument. The selected instrument for this process is the needle, which is used in almost all medical situations.

    The PITON project will try to automate manual needle procedures, thus decreasing risks and increasing precision. The robotic equipment will be completely designed with non-metallic material so that it can remain functional even when MRI machines are turned on.

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