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Hirosaki U.

Hirosaki U.
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  • Hirosaki University

    Established in a former castle town of Hirosaki in 1949, the Hirosaki University is a national university which is located in Aomori prefecture at the northern end of Honshu Island. In accordance with the National School Establishment Law, the school was the result of the merging of the Hirosaki Medical College, Aomori Medical School, Hirosaki Higher School, Aomori Normal School and the Aomori Youth Normal School. The new system incorporated the institutions and established three faculties, the Arts and Science, the Education, and the Faculty of Medicine plus the school new library.

    In April of 1965, the department of Literature and Science was divided into different departments of Literature and Science. The school’s Faculty of Humanities was likewise established during this time. In April of 1969, the major of Science under the Faculty of Science and Technology was founded, but was later abolished in 1978.

    Aside from the usual undergraduate courses offered at Hirosaki University, students interested in robotics and intelligent machines may opt to study at the university’s School of Science and Technology’s Master’s Course. Here, they focus on advanced science and technology education, and aim to bring up specialized students who can adapt to the progress and diversity of science and technology.

    Under this program, students who are geared towards robotics can go to the Course of Intelligent Machines and System Engineering, whose field of research is concentrated on Instrument and Control Engineering. Here, students are taught about Vision-based Robot control, precision Motion control, micromachine manipulation, retrieval of synthetic aperture radar images, systematization of satellite image processing and Geometric Correction, among other subjects.

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