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HIT (Heemskerk Innovative Technology)

HIT (Heemskerk Innovative Technology)
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  • Heemskerk Innovative Technology is a Dutch company that is a part of many well-known international robotics and mechatronics projects. The firm itself supplies advice and technical support for these high tech projects. Their business mission is to transfer an idea into innovative concept and real-world applications to make the world a smaller place. Their focus lies on contact dynamics, dexterous manipulation, master-slave control, haptic control and augmented reality. The expertise of this company is deployed on a scale that goes beyond worldwide.

    Heemskerk IT advices on maintenance matters regarding space missions where similar maintenance problems occur as in a fusion reactor. In both cases, Heemskerk IT has researched and analyzed possible solutions for the maintenance of areas where human work is too difficult or just too dangerous. The development of strategies for both outer space and in a nuclear fusion reactor included the incorporation of Remote Handling. This Dutch robotics company developed an interactive simulation environment to develop, test and validate hardware to do maintenance work in the ITER fusion reactor.

    Not only do they come up with safer methods for working in dangerous industries, such as the two previously mentioned along with the Oil & Gas industry, they are also involved in creating a more effective healthcare system. Haptic medical equipment could make surgeries more reliable and less invasive, while innovation in the field of tele-robotics for daily life activities for the elderly can lift a huge strain from the financial problems of the healthcare system.

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