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  • Asimo Asimo

    Honda developed the most advanced humanoid robot called Asimo. It can recognize moving objects, greet approaching people, respond to handshakes and recognize verbal commands.

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  • E 4 E 4

    Honda developed a bipedal prototype called E4 with increased knee length. This humanoid walks at a speed of 4.7 kilometers per hour which is more than human walking speed.

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  • E 5 E 5

    Honda developed a bipedal prototype called E5. This experimental humanoid walks autonomously at a speed of 4.7 kilometers per hour despite its heavy body and a heavy head.

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  • E 6 E 6

    Honda developed a bipedal prototype called E6. This humanoid can climb stairs up and down with autonomous balancing, and can walk over obstacles instead of avoiding them.

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  • E 3 E 3

    Honda developed a bipedal prototype called E3. This experimental humanoid walks at a speed of 3 kilometers per hour which is the same as the average speed of a walking human.

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  • E 2 E 2

    Honda developed a bipedal prototype called E2. This experimental humanoid walks at a speed of 1.2 kilometers per hour using Honda’s ‘Dynamic Movement’ and walks like a human.

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  • E 1 E 1

    Honda developed an experimental humanoid robot in 1987 called E1. This prototype robot is the second in the series and is designed to walk faster than the earlier version E0.

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  • E 0 E 0

    Honda developed a robot prototype in 1986 called E0 and unveiled in 1996. It walks slow with one step every five seconds but was a milestone in the world of bipedal robots.

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  • HRP 1S HRP 1S

    Honda's full-size humanoid HRP 1S can be controlled remotely and has stereo vision, fine grasp capabilities, a 2 kph walking speed, and 28 minutes of battery life.

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  • New ASIMO ver.2 New ASIMO ver.2

    The New Asimo Version 2 was unveiled by Honda in 2005. This version features the ability to pursue real-life environment tasks, and can also walk, run and kick a soccer ball. In 2007 researchers updated its technologies, allowing several Asimo robots…

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  • P 4 P 4

    Honda's P series of robots ended with P4, also known as ASIMO. It is a sleeker, faster version of the first three and can run at 6 km/hour. P4 can follow a human's movement and greet an approaching person. It can also recognize human gestures and has…

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  • P 2 P 2

    Honda's P2 humanoid robot stunned the world with its very human-like movements when it made its debut. It is considered to be the world’s first self-regulating, two-legged walking robot. P2 can also walk up and down stairs and push a cart.

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  • P 3 P 3

    The third robot in Honda's P series, the P3 is the first completely independent two-legged humanoid walking robot. To make this version smaller, the control system was decentralized and it was built with a different material. It still has a walking speed…

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  • P 1 P 1

    Honda unveiled the P1 humanoid robot in 1993. It is the first in the P series they created. P1 moves with coordinated hands and feet and can pick up and carry objects. It can also grab door knobs and turn electric switches on and off. P1 has 30 degrees…

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