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Humanoid Robotics Inst.

Humanoid Robotics Inst.
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  • WABIAN R-II Wabian RII

    Developed by Waseda University, the Wabian R-II is a bipedal prototype robot. It is the predecessor of Wabian 2. The Wabian R-II is capable of measuring ground reaction forces through torque sensors on its ankles. It has 43 degrees of freedom and voice…

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  • Wabian R-III Wabian RIII

    The WABIAN R-III was developed by Waseda University. It is a prototype humanoid robot. The WABIAN R-III can walk in multiple directions, dance, and show emotions. It is a more refined version of the WABIAN-2 robot, with 43 degrees of freedom and a balance…

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  • Wabian-R Wabian R

    The Waseda University in Japan developed a humanoid called WABIAN-R. Using its control and coordination method, it can walk, dance with a partner, wave its arms and carry objects.

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