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  • Ijkdijk is a foundation that researches innovative ways of monitoring dikes. The foundation is working on a development program that uses sensor systems to inspect and test the quality of these dikes. If these sensors prove to work, it would mean a significant saving in costs for protection of the dikes. The fact that sensors are being used in many household items like automatic lights, sunscreens, and for example, GPS systems, opens opportunities to implement these sensors in different areas.

    Ijdijk is involved in the Rose project that deals with robotic sensor networks. Together with several other Dutch companies and the Tech University of Twente, Ijdijk plans to develop a team of robotic sensors that can automatically acquire data about the composition, consistency and condition of the inspected dikes. The first priority of the foundation is to develop a ground type robot, after which, it will develop water and air type robots so that the dikes can be inspected as thoroughly as possible.

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