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Innovation First

Innovation First
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  • Founded in 1996 in Greenville, Texas, Innovation First International is dedicated to the idea that innovation should be an early part of every design process.

    The privately held corporation started out developing electronics for autonomous mobile ground robots. They have since branched out into manufacturing educational and competitive robotics products and are now a leading developer of consumer robotics toys.

    The company’s subsidiaries include:

    • VEX Robotics, which has developed the highly regarded VEX Robotics Design System and other VEX robotics products for students in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) sectors
    • RackSolutions Inc., which designs custom mounting solutions and products that solve industry wide rack compatibility issues for enterprise servers, storage and PC equipment

    Innovation First Labs, a development wing that also produces HEXBUG, a line of Micro Robotic Creature consumer toys

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  • Consumer:Educational
    Toy robots
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