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Inst. de Automatica Industrial (IAI)

Inst. de Automatica Industrial (IAI)
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  • Founded in October 1971, the Instituto de Automatica Industrial (IAI) serves as an important Research Center in the field of robotics. Associated with the CSIC (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas), it aims at carrying out R&D for the evaluation, development and synthesis of robotics as well as automatic control systems.

    The IAI participates in technical as well as scientific research focusing on generating new fundamental and applied knowledge, in the field of systems automation as well as the development of improved strategies for examination, measurement, operation and control. IAI serves as a well-equipped center for experimentation as well as project development.

    The institute is involved in the European robotics project CROPS where it is making significant contributions by using its extensive knowledge of robotics sensors as well as system integration. Project CROPS investigates the possibility to use harvesting robots to replace human work that can work 24 hours per day in optimal conditions. It will be able to recognize a fruit in an unstructured environment and harvest only the fruit that is ready to be harvested, without damaging other plants or fruits. There is no doubt that the development of this kind of robot will be revolutionary in the agricultural sector.

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