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Inst. of Systems and Robotics

University of Coimbra (ISR-UC)
Inst. of Systems and Robotics
  • Portugal
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  • Being a non-profit research institute connected with the University of Coimbra, the Institute of Systems and Robotics was founded in 1992. The Institute of Systems and Robotics has three research groups, including computer and robot vision, automation and mobile robotics, and operations management.

    The institute supports advanced multidisciplinary research and development in the main areas of science and technology, including Intelligent Transportation Systems, Computer Vision, Assistive Technologies, Mobile Autonomous Robotics, Search and Rescue Robotics, Medical Robotics, Biomedical Engineering, Robotic Manipulation, Advanced Industrial Energy and Automation Technologies. Participating in a number of projects, the ISR particularly focuses on education and training initiatives and on international scientific research cooperation.

    The Institute is involved in project TIRAMISU, where it will lead the development of close-in detection tools, focusing on the areas of chemical sensors, robotics and sensor fusion for detection of landmine.

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