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Intl. Islamic U. Chittagong

Intl. Islamic U. Chittagong
  • Bangladesh
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  • The International Islamic University Chittagong, or IIUC, is one of the top graded government approved private universities in Bangladesh. The credit to its establishment goes to its founder organization, the Islamic University Chittagong Trust or IUCT.

    The Trust, which is a non-political and non-profit oriented voluntary organization, felt that the country needs a university under private initiative as there was a lack of institutions of higher learning based on the Islamic vision of life in the public sector.

    In 1990, the IUCT discussed the idea of a private Islamic university with various groups, including the intellectuals, Islamic thinkers, and educationalists within the country as well as from abroad. It was these personalities who brought forward the dream of having such a university by putting in their ideas, energies and fulfilling all other requirements.

    Today, this Islamic university continues to serve not only the Islamic population in the country and abroad but non-Muslim as well, offering various degrees and courses, and providing hands-on experience to its students.

    To keep up with the fast paced world, especially in the field of robotics, the university has adapted to new technologies and has even developed its own robots. Among them is the iRobo, which was developed by Feroz Ahmed Siddique and was the first robotic invention in Bangladesh. This robot is capable of following orders like picking up things, mop floors and even do simple tasks. It is said to possess spatial intelligence and was made purely from scrap parts found at an electronic and auto shop.

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