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  • ARM Robot ARM Robot

    DARPA developed a robotic platform called ARM to execute certain moves. Developers from public are allowed to write algorithms for the robot that make it perform complex tasks.

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  • Ava 500 - iRobot - Telepresence Robot Ava 500

    The Ava 500 is a Video Collaboration Robot used as Telepresence device. It enables people to work off-site and still attend at meetings and presentations where it is important to move between locations.

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  • ConnectR ConnectR

    A telepresence robot from iRobot, ConnectR has one-way video, two-way audio, and robust security features to permit virtual visiting for business or personal purposes.

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  • Roomba 581 Roomba 581

    iRobot developed a vacuum cleaning robot called Roomba 581. It can take cleaning decisions, recognize stairs, avoid wire tangles, clean corners better and clean a room completely.

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  • Roomba 564 Pet Roomba 564 Pet

    The Roomba 564 is perfect for people with pets to keep floors free from pet hair and dander. It also cleans up dirt and debris with its three-stage cleaning process.

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  • Roomba 531 Roomba 531

    Roomba 531 is a vacuum-cleaning robot. Its advanced design and low height make it ideal for hard-to-reach areas. Anti-tangle technology lets it free itself from cords.

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  • Roomba 555 Roomba 555

    Roomba 555 cleans your carpets and hardwood floors easily and stylishly. This vacuum-cleaning consumer robot easily gets under low surfaces to leave floors dirt-free.

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  • Scooba 230 Scooba 230

    iRobot developed the Scooba 230 as an advanced floor-cleaning robot. It is easy to carry and can detect walls, so it stays where it needs to clean. The Scooba 230 can separate dirty and clean water and has a 3 stage cleaning process. This robot gets rid…

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  • Scooba 385 Scooba 385

    iRobot has developed another advanced floor-cleaning robot, the Scooba 385. Using an easy-to-make solution of vinegar and water, this robot removes dirt, washes, scrubs and dries your floors. It can be programmed to clean specific areas and not go into…

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  • Verro 300 Verro 300

    Verro 300 is an autonomous pool cleaning robot. The successor to Verro 100, it can hold more water (up to 80 gallons) and uses hydro jet technology. Verro 100 eliminates algae, bacteria, and other tiny particles as small as two microns, or about 20 times…

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  • Verro 100 Verro 100

    Verro 100 is an automated pool cleaning robot developed by iRobot. It is easy-to-use and even cleans cracks and pores in a pool. Verro 100's cleaning method allows it to clean from pool floor to waterline for 60 to 90 minutes. It circulates the water…

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