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  • iRobot was founded by roboticists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1990. The company aims at building and designing some of the most important robots in the world. Headquartered in Bedford, Mass, iRobot is a public corporation with offices in California, China, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

    The mission of the company is to change the world by delivering innovative robots that make a difference. iRobot is creating home robots, robots for defense and security and robots to provide meaningful communication. The company has sold over 10 million home robots worldwide. The various home robots produced by the company include the iRobot Roomba, which is a vacuum cleaning robot, the iRobot Scooba,which is a floor scrubbing robot, the iRobot Looj, which is a gutter cleaning robot, the iRobot Mirra™, a pool cleaning robot, and the iRobot Braava, which is a floor mopping robot.

    The defense and security robots of the company perform numerous missions for public safety professionals and troops. iRobot has delivered over 5,000 defense and security robots to civil defense and military forces worldwide. iRobot’s Ava® 500 video collaboration robot offers autonomous telepresence that enables remote workers to collaborate more personally throughout the workplace.

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