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ISA System Engineering and Automation Department

University De Malaga
ISA System Engineering and Automation Department
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  • ISA System Engineering and Automation Department

    The ISA System Engineering and Automation Department of the Universidad De Malaga in Spain is a Spanish laboratory engaged in the research of multi-robot systems, mobile robotics, surgical robots, Telerobotics, Computer Vision, Automation, Search and Rescue, and Remote Sensing.

    Inside the department is a notable laboratory whose research topics include unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). This laboratory is the Laboratory of UAVs, or Aerohidrodinamica Laboratory of Unmanned Vehicles.

    Some of the projects conducted in the ISA System Engineering and Automation department include: the AGAVE European Project, the Robotics Assistant for exploration and Rescue Missions, CISOBOT System, Neurofuzzy Control in Chemical Process Engineering, Mobile Robot Operation in Large Scale Environment, Self-Guided Surgical Robot for Minimally Invasive Surgery, Telerobotic System for Minimally Invasive Surgery (DPI), the Teleoperation and Control systems Coordinated Multirobot, and the RAMBLER.

    Among the robots that the department has developed includes the SANCHO; the assistant robot that is intended to work within a human environment. It was developed with a pioneer 3DX base, in which various elements are located. This robot was designed to have a sensorial system which is basically composed of a radial laser scanner, 10 sets of IR sensors, a colored motorized camera, a pair of speakers, a microphone and a screen. This robot can be manipulated through a wireless Ethernet.

    The department has also come up with the SENA robot, which is a robotic wheelchair powered with various sensors that allow a reliably high level of performance in office-like environments. Also designed by this department is the Auriga robot, the Aurora, and the RAM-2 robot; which is a type of mobile robot intended to control and deliver objects. Laser scanners, IR sensors and CCD camera have also been installed on the RAM-2 robot. 

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