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J. Bruton

  • United Kingdom
  • Human


  • Android 9

    James Bruton wanted a robot that was completely unique from his others, so the Android 9's main focus was on the use of lightweight materials. The body is mainly built from balsa wood and aluminum, and Tamiya 72004 Worm Gear Gearboxes are used for its…

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  • Android 7

    James Bruton created the Android 7 by combining the Android 3 and Android 6. The legs are absent of motors, but the Android 7 can bend further and be used for getting up and down stairs. Wiper motors were used in its body to pull cables to the leg joints,…

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  • Android 6

    Android 6 comes with several improvements and will most likely be used for household chores. Parts from previous models were used for building this version, but the legs of Android 6 are equipped with wiper motors, while the arms are made of linear actuators.…

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