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Kawada Industries, Inc.

Kawada Industries, Inc.
  • Japan
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  • Robotics Developer


  • H7 H 7

    Research by the University of Tokyo, JSK Laboratory, and Kawada Industries resulted in H7, a human-size humanoid robot. This robot is capable of autonomously performing in indoor environments designed for humans. It being used as a research platform…

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  • H6 H 6

    The H6 has many features to help it function in real human environments. This robot has a 3D camera and wireless Ethernet interface, so it can operate without external cables.

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    HIRO is a Japanese-developed, humanoid robot. This interactive robot can pass for human when wearing synthetic skin. HIRO is being used in the development of future robotics.

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  • Isamu Isamu

    The ISAMU robot was developed by Kawada Industries. It operates on RT Linux and has 3D vision and motion-planning software. This bipedal robot can be operated with a joystick.

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    NEXTAGE was developed by Kawada Industries to do automated work on an industrial line in a factory. This humanoid robot has service port connections and easy-to-use software. NEXTAGE was designed to work alongside humans and make the assembly line work…

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