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Keio U.

Keio U.
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  • Keio University

    Keio University is Japan’s oldest institute of higher education and is based in Minato, Tokyo. It was originally founded in 1858 as a school for Western Studies in then known as Edo (Tokyo).

    The university has 10 faculties: Letters, Economics, Medicine, Laws, Policy Management, Business and Commerce, Environment and Information Studies, Nursing and Medical Care, Science and Technology, and the Faculty of Pharmacy.

    Its founder, Yukichi Fukuzawa, always believed that in order to catch up with Western technology and social organization, the University has to strive for progress and enlightenment, and give the academic and moral education needed to develop a generation of intellectual and capable leaders.

    To prepare students who are into modern technology, the Information and Computer Science Department’s Communication Robots and Computer Science continuously strives to develop and create robots and machines that can talk with humans and understand people in order to perform effectively.

    Among the projects that this University has undertaken is the TELESAR V Robot, which allows you to feel what it feels and even see what it sees. So far, this is the latest telepresence system from the country’s Science and Technology Agency, in collaboration with Tachi’s Lab of Keio University. 

    To this day, the university continues to offer intellectual leadership that addresses the problems that the country is facing in its quest for development, transformation and modernization. It upholds the pioneer spirit of its founder in his search for peace, prosperity and progress.

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