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Kibertron Inc

Kibertron Inc
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  • Based in Bulgaria, KIBERTRON Ltd. is an innovation company that was registered on March 11th, 2004.  The company aims at working for the success of the KIBERTRON Project. The project started on September 27th, 2002 with the sole goal of developing the KIBERTRON robot, which is expected be an intelligent humanoid robot.

    In addition to managing projects, the KIBERTRON team is actively engaged in scientific research as well as consulting activities in the fields of cybernetics, robotics and nature of time. The mission of the company is to implement the KIBERTRON Project for creating a robot that will have the same level of intellect, autonomy, composition, kinematics, dimensions and dynamics as that of humans.

    The KIBERTRON team also aims to create prototypes that will serve as the “starting point” to assess the moral justification as well as the economic effects of the production of the KIBERTRON robots. The company manages various activities that focus on ways to integrate these robots into the society.  At the same time, the KIBERTRON team is actively involved in developing and implementing innovative technologies.

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