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  • Kiwa Technology is a company that provides knowledge and services in the energy and water sector. Kiwa supports its clients in their research - it advises them, trains their employees, helps with product development and the design of components, systems and devices. Kiwa is also very active in the area where they started working 80 years ago: gas.

    Kiwa is the number one technological company in the Netherlands in this sector concerning measurements, distribution and safety. They have also developed software that is very helpful in the installation and management of gas grids. This software, Irene Pro, performs capability calculations to see what happens to the pressure on the network and how the gas spreads over the entire grid.

    Together with several energy suppliers and the Twente University, Kiwa is involved in the Pirate project. This project was launched to make it easier to check pipelines. Small robot prototypes were developed that move through these pipelines and check for any unwanted damage.

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